Rail Projects

McKie has extensive experience in the refurbishment, reconstruction and new build works associated with station platforms.

Full construction of the platforms includes the removal and reconstruction of all platform components, including the copers, tactile paving, oversail blocks and surface drainage, along with the rebuilding of platform riser walls and re-surfacing. All platform works are carried out under Rules of the Route possessions, with all platforms being returned to full service and made fit for passengers, at the end of every shift.

We have provided specialist subcontract services throughout Scotland to deliver stepping and gauging works to a variety of station platforms. All station platform refurbishment projects have been delivered to meet programme and budget objectives.

We have undertaken culvert refurbishment works on Network Rail Managed Infrastructure. The projects involved refurbishment and repair works to existing culverts located beneath the operational railway. Inlet and outlets were rebuilt, and culverts sleeved with large diameter pipe.

We can provide specialist surface preparation and protective coatings application services to structures on Network Rail Managed Infrastructure. Our work involves substrate preparation to the client’s specification and standards, followed by the application of protective treatment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, technical specification and environmental conditions. Our skilled workforce is qualified under the Industrial Coatings Applicator Scheme (ICATS) and is approved by Correx Ltd.

We have replaced bridge decks and walkways on multiple bridges and viaducts. The work included the removal and replacement of new hardwood timber bridge decks. Timber walkways, which had deteriorated to an unsafe condition, were removed and replaced with new GRP panels.

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